Age of Internet Meditation

Our lives have become hectic due to our busy schedule, making it difficult to take out time for family, friends as well as for self. However, the internet is flooded with articles, posts, blogs, images, videos and quotes about how one can relax their soul and meditate for a few minutes before kick-starting their day. After surfing through websites for such information, I found that instead of taking out a few minutes to meditate why we can’t meditate while working or using the internet!

Yes, you got it right! We work all day long, especially entrepreneurs who at times work without breaks and no week off in between, forget about lunch time. If you are one of them, you need not worry as you can still meditate while working, by focusing on one thing at a time. For instance, writing for me is a type of meditation as it relaxes my mind and soul. No need for fancy lighting, calm room and fragrant essential oils. It is not about sitting alone with your legs crossed, concentrating on your breathing and chanting mantras. It is another type of meditation that does require your extra minutes.

Meditation is easy and effortless and can be performed anywhere and anytime and by anyone be it an entrepreneur, freelancer, or one who is running a million dollar company. People who meditate are less stressed, focused, happy, and young and have a healthy lifestyle. You can meditate while walking, standing, working and sleeping. The key is to be aware of your thoughts.

Here are some of the ways to meditate at work or while using the internet:

  • Reading, watching or listening failure stories on the internet can make a big difference. Every successful person have had fallen several times to be successful. No one can achieve success without failures. There is a silver lining in every failure story and it can make you motivated and positive that will further help you in overcoming your failures or any bad phase in life.
  • Watching and reading autobiographies or success stories helps in self-discovering yourself and where you stand at this point of time. It also gives you new ways to solve problems, adopt new values that will benefit in your life, answers your dilemmas and last, but not the least, you learn from someone’s hardship. Overall, it changes your attitude towards your work and personal life.
  • Many people write, when they are stressed, as it can help them overcome emotional stress. Write your experience as well as expressing them via writing can help people them to be organized in thoughts and teaches them from their traumatic experience.
  • Similarly, there are people who work while keeping their headphones plugged in. Music makes them happy and relaxed at a workplace. It gives a positive vibe and can instantly lift up their mood.
  • If you love your work, it makes you feel satisfied and happy from within, gives you positivity, patience as well as confidence. It also removes all the negativity, thus, making your body, mind and soul healthy.

If you’re motivated enough, it just takes 10 to 15 minutes a day to get your body and mind relaxed while using the internet. Mornings are quiet and peaceful and are a great way to start your day. Doing this will not only help you focus on your work, but fill you with happiness and positivity.

Age of Internet Meditation
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