It has been quite a time since I had been curious about the follower milestones achieved by various celebs & influencers on Twitter. It is true that celebs or influencers nowadays are also ranked as per their social media follower strength. But it has always been a big ‘?’ that is everything ‘Genuine’ about that huge list? Or is it something we are missing upon.

Thus, I decided to give it a try and understand how engaging these celebs & influencers are. Randomly, I picked two of the most prominent Indian Celebs over Twitter: Mr. Salman Khan & Sh. Narendra Damodardas Modi. I’m sure both of them need no intro and their tweets have always created ripples in the media. Getting inside their follower list and interactions, we found out some interesting figures.

Sh. Narendra Modi is one of the most influential political figure & emerging leader. His Twitter handle also depicts his strength. He has around 2.54 Cr. Twitter followers. Tracking his 15-20 recent tweets we noticed few interesting Nos.:


Similarly, Mr. Salman Khan, the superstar of Bollywood has over 2.06 Cr. followers. His nos. are slight better than Mr. Modi.


It was very interesting to see such shocking nos. As per these figures, I become suspicious about the ‘Genuineness’ of the follower base once again. Are these followers are genuine or alive? Or are they just the nos. Only Twitter or Social Media Gurus can answer. 🙂

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Is Everything Alright with No. of Followers on Twitter?
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