Reputation is everything. And a great way to achieve it is through PR (Public Relations). Controlling your public relation message allows you to manage the positive flow of information about your organisation. It also helps you tackle any negative comment said about your company and send the right responses at the right time.

Now, you can either go for an in-house PR team or use the services of a specialised PR agency. When you take your time to plot a focused PR strategy, you will very possibly be rewarded with positive PR results!

Considering the following steps will help you prepare an effective PR strategy that can deliver both quantitative and qualitative results.

Set Your Objectives

What is your anticipated end result? Are you trying to sell more products, increase market share, influence a specific target audience to act, increase membership and so on?

The objective of simply ‘getting press coverage’ is not precisely enough. What is your organisation looking to accomplish with this press coverage? The answers of such simple and logical questions will dictate the kind of press coverage required, your target audience, and the message you intend to share that are most suitable for your PR campaign.

Consider Your Environment

What elements (economic, social, regulatory, political and competitive) are expected to affect your business? Find your single most yet significant point of differentiation.

Decide Your Audience

Determine who will buy your products and need your services? Which news channel and website do they browse through? What newspapers and magazines do they read? Where do they shop? What are their priorities? Their ages? Where do they live? Such knowledge is vital before going to the next step.

Recognize Your Important Messages

What kind of messages will have the most influence in getting your target audience to respond? It can be a brilliant success story, a new product, or some other aspect of your organisation that has the power to capture the attention, and hopefully, the imagination of the media and the public.

Consider the Timing

The timing of any PR work is crucial. Ponder when your target audience will be most exposed to your messages and when do you want them to respond.

The Final Result

Use relevant measures to track the results of your PR campaign and review the results. Have you achieved the defined objectives of this PR campaign? Should you ponder on amending your original plan? If so then how and why? Put more energy into what’s working and leave practices that take you nowhere.

Key Steps Before Preparing Your PR Strategy
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